nyc architects | practice
singapore based architectural and design practice. the practice embraces a collaborative approach with clients to create designs that will enrich our senses.
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nyc architects is a Singapore-based practice offering design services that relate to the built environment. For the practice, the built environment is the most permanent and obvious cultural product in a social milieu; the process of designing and its products are important parts of our material and epistemic cultures. While rapid urbanism, new innovations, and advancement in technologies have brought about a range of contemporary, social-economic, cultural, and environmental issues that are fast evolving, the practice’s vision is to adopt a critical design approach and produce well-crafted designs that address well to these developments affecting the discourse of architecture practice. For the practice, buildings and their users have a reciprocal relationship and our spatial perception is not conditioned by just sight alone; we adopts a collaborative approach with clients to create designs that aspire to enrich our senses.

The practice is led by ng yong chin. The principle’s past working experience includes involvement in residential (low-rise, high-rise, and high density), institution, commercial, urban planning and award-winning projects. He has a keen interest in the craft of construction and how it affects building forms. Projects are undertaken and handled personally by the principle; design excellence is achieved through intensive dialogues with the client, constant reviewing of the design and its appropriateness to the client’s brief, and efficient project management throughout the different stages of the projects.

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